Make the most out of reviews

Seamless Integration

System seamlessly integrates with your website without any manual efforts.

Powerful and Intelligent

AI-powered Chabot which provides a near human-level interaction.

Real Time

Prompts customers to leave feedback as soon as they reach the site.

Build a strong customer base

Collaborate with your customer in a new way

A powerful tool enriched with AI makes it easy to collaborate with your customer and collects rating & review through the chatbot.

Showcase the customer feedback

Customer’s ratings & reviews help other viewers to know more about the product. Review.AI not only collects the review, but it also displays them with the product

AI Powered Features

Collect Reviews

Our AI powered Review bot leverages the power of conversational interfaces to help you collect reviews from the customers in the most interactive way.

Customize Bot Appearance

App comes with and easy to use interface to edit the appearence of the chatbot to match with the website theme.

View Customer Insights

App displays Customer insights that help you understand what customers think about you products including their likes and dislikes.

Sentiment Analysis

Our App predicts user emotions by extracting keywords from the reviews and identfy the sentiments of the users- Positive, Negative or Neutral